Pastor Chuck Richardson is a 1985 Graduate of
Spurgeon Baptist Bible College. He and his wife
Diane were married in 1979, they have three
children who are grown and two grandchildren.
Pastor and Diane have been at Chippewa Hills
since 1993.
Our  Pastor
Hello, I'm Pastor Chuck Richardson It has been
my privilege to pastor Chippewa hills Baptist
Church for the last 20 years. We have a
wonderful group of people who love the Lord and
each other. As a congregation we have many
times of fellowship and worship and seek to
have positive effect on our community for Christ.
As a pastor I truly enjoy communicating the Word
of God in many different settings and I especially
enjoy seeing peoples hearts and lives changed
by the message of Grace!
Being not only a pastor but also a father and
husband and Grandfather, I have been blessed
by having a full life
and a very busy life. My beautiful wife of 35
years is not only my life partner but also my
ministry partner, we enjoy calling on those in
need and opening up our home for fellowships
and Bible studies.
I also enjoy many different hobbies such as
riding my motorcycle, hunting and fishing,
camping and traveling with my wife.